The Biggest Hindrance of Father’s Rights in Child Custody

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The Biggest Hindrance of Father’s Rights in Child Custody

As marriage rates decline, a new terrain for navigation has emerged. Couples who separate now have unique challenges, such as understanding how to co-parent and ensuring that their children's needs are met, while they are also trying to figure out how they can move on with their lives. Historically, most co-parents have been women, leaving men feeling helpless, as though they're up against a system that favours mothers. 

However, psychologists have found that fathers do matter in their children's lives as much as mothers do; fathers who remain involved with their children after marriage or separation can impact a child's behaviour and relationships, and the time fathers spend with their children generally has positive effects on the children. Furthermore, many mothers are selfless and put their child's needs first; however, some mothers make it challenging for fathers to enjoy relationships with their children.

While most co-parents are happy to share the child equally and put their child's needs first and foremost, some co-parents take charge of most parenting decisions unilaterally by blocking contact between the noncustodial parent and the child. But to get these arrangements squared away, the parties involved must have two things: a good child custody lawyer and an understanding of the biggest hindrance.

Malicious Parent Syndrome Impedes a Father’s Child Custody Rights

Some mothers exhibit what is known as the “Malicious Mother Syndrome,” ranging from a genuine fear of losing their children to the father to loneliness or a way to fill a void that has been left from the relationship ending with the father. Some attempt to hit the father ‘where it hurts and make them pay for their hurt or as a measure of power and control.

Some of the signs of this, which a competent child custody lawyer will spot, include:

  • Punishing the other parent through parental alienation is a strategy used by one parent to damage a relationship between the child and their father. It may be used during a breakup or after separation, during custody disputes, or out of anger towards the other parent. 

This may occur in the following ways:

  • Filing false police reports or taking children to scheduled doctor's appointments as a form of passive aggression.

  • Involving social services to have children removed from their homes.

  • Inviting supervised access time with a malicious intention of using it to exclude the other parent from the child's life and bad-mouthing the other parent to their children.

  • Restriction of access to the children by denying visitation and communication with the other parent; and keeping children away from their educational activities and extra-curricular activities. 

These behaviours include telling children fabricated statements about the other parent to reduce their opinion of them and misleading or lying to their peers about the other parent.

  • A mother who has no other mental disorder but intentionally abuses her children as if she has one or several. 

However, the courts are mandated to be guided only by the children's best interests, not by the gender of the parent. The courts have also moved closer to granting shared parenting in the child’s best interests. Ensure your child custody lawyer also operates the same way to achieve the most equitable decision for the case.


Ample research proves that children thrive better where plenty of time is spent with their fathers and mothers. However, not all situations are alike, and it can be hard to choose the right course of action. Therefore, you must speak to a capable child custody lawyer to determine what approach will provide the best outcome for your family.

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