Sound Advice: What to Do after a Slip and Fall Accident

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Sound Advice: What to Do after a Slip and Fall Accident

A common cause of injury is slip and fall. Incidents increase during winter when streets and floors are slippery. Although this happens frequently, many of us do not know what to do after the accident.

In British Columbia alone, one in three is injured because of a fall. From 2016 to 2017, Ontario had 2111 accidents. The injury can range from mild sprains to complete paralysis due to spinal cord damage. The latter will require long-term medical care and loss of livelihood. 

With that said, seasoned slip and fall lawyers in Medicine Hat have created a list of what you should do after an accident. Here is what you should do:

Inform the Parties

It would help if you informed the property owner or manager about the accident. Call the property manager in which the accident occurred and let them know what happened. It may be good to have witnesses to back you up if you have to go to court.

If you are hurt in the property, it is your right to be compensated. However, write a formal complaint letter to the property manager or owner before claiming any damages. Slip and fall lawyers can help draft one. 

Most importantly, you should also notify your insurance company. Some consider this as the first step to filing a claim. 

Seek Medical Treatment 

Seasoned slip and fall lawyers strongly advise seeking medical treatment immediately. It is also your prerogative to inform your insurer.

To receive compensation, you must have a medical certificate. The insurance company can deny any payment if you do not have any. The medical certificate can also be part of your evidence once you file a claim.

Be aware that some establishments may ask you to sign a waiver before going to the hospital. Please note that this is invalid since you were already hurt on their property.

Inspect the Scene

Check the property where the accident happened. If possible, you can take photos or measurements and collect information such as names, dates, and other details. When you go to the hospital, you can also write down what you remember.

Do not blame anyone. The evidence will blame the other party. You can ask the help of your attorney to assess the scene of the incident. Your lawyer will look for potential dangers that you may have missed.  

If you notice unusual efforts to cover up potential hazards, it should be noted for your case. Your lawyer will mention this to support your claim.

Document Everything

You should write down what happened to you. If you do not remember every detail, write down what you could recall. Doing this can help you file a claim to get your medical bills reimbursed. If you want to pursue legal action for the fall, the documents will be very important in the case.


It is never fun to be on the receiving end of a slip and fall accident. The pain and trauma are not only physical;  there is also mental stress involved.  You should act right after an accident. Seasoned slip and fall lawyers strongly advise that you follow the tips given in this accident.

After getting medical treatment, you should seek legal advice from Hamilton Cahoon. We are seasoned and reputable slip and fall lawyers in Medicine Hat, so you are assured that you are in good hands. Book a consultation now!