Filial Love: What You Need to Know about Family Lawyers

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Filial Love: What You Need to Know about Family Lawyers

Family lawyers handle more than disputes; they also help spouses and partners prepare legal agreements and guidance while going through a divorce. Most importantly, they help protect victims of domestic violence.

Some believe that handling a legal matter without professional help is cheaper, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, you need family lawyers to avoid potential issues that might otherwise have not been considered. Additionally, to avoid legal mistakes that could cost you significantly more, you may need to seek professional legal help.

Working with a Family Lawyer

In some situations, the services of a family lawyer are required by law. Their fees vary depending on their experience and the type of case they handle. In some scenarios, they charge a flat rate for their services. Others prefer to charge hourly or a percentage of the final settlement. 

Family lawyers may be a little pricey, but it is significantly better to have them than not at all. A family lawyer ensures that you are protected and taken care of. If you are unsure if you need their help, you should continue reading this article.


Working with a lawyer helps you create legal agreements, represent yourself in court, and resolve disputes that arise between family members. It is necessary to find a lawyer who understands the Calgary courts and Alberta family law.

Searching for the right lawyer can be a challenging process. That’s why it would also be prudent to see the type of documents that a family lawyer can draft on your behalf:

  • Cohabitation Agreement:

    This document is a legal agreement where a couple lives together but is not legally married. If the relationship ends, they create financial rules to handle property division, support entitlement, and other financial matters.

  • Prenuptial Agreement:

    It is an agreement a couple who intends to marry makes to decide who will keep the property in case of a separation, who will get alimony, and so on.

  • Postnuptial Agreements:

    If the relationship doesn't make it, these documents are used within married couples to guide property division, support entitlement, and other financial matters.

  • Separation Agreement:

    This document comes in handy when a married couple separates and needs to resolve certain matters, such as child custody and support, spousal support, and more.

    You can seek their professional support when it comes to the following scenarios:

  • Separation Agreements: 

    They can represent you in court when you divorce and need to resolve property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support.

  • Emergency Protection Order (EPO):

    It can be used to remove a threat against you and your family if a situation becomes especially dangerous.

Legal Protection

Family law matters often involve resolving disputes, and litigation is usually not the best way to resolve these differences. Mediation, negotiation, collaboration, and arbitration can effectively settle family disputes.

Litigation is expensive. It can eat up time and money. It also results in a public record that is difficult to rectify later, and it cannot always be controlled.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) leaves the courtroom out of family matters. It can be accomplished through mediation with your spouse, negotiation with your partner, collaboration with your in-laws, or arbitration with an unbiased third party. 


Family law is a tricky matter. It requires tack, especially if there are children concerned. Having basic knowledge about this can help you find the most suitable family lawyer in Medicine Hat.

With that said, you should contact Hamilton Cahoon immediately. We take great pride as the leading family lawyers in Medicine Hat because we resolve filial issues without causing great distress to the parties involved. Book an appointment now!