6 Things You Must Do after Slipping or Tripping in Alberta

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6 Things You Must Do after Slipping or Tripping in Alberta

All of us are bound to fall, literally. The slightest miscalculation while walking or running can result in a fall, and more often than not, these falls result in serious injuries. For this reason, slips and trips are bound to personal injury laws, and those injured in such an accident may be entitled to compensation.

In Alberta, slips, trips, and falls are typically caused by negligence by property owners, occupiers, and those responsible for their care and maintenance. These individuals and organizations owe a duty of care to all persons who may reasonably be expected to be on the property and to take all reasonable care to ensure that the property is safe for those persons. However, you must also do your part to help you win your case. With this in mind, here are some things to do after slipping or tripping and falling in Alberta:

#1 - Take a Picture of the Location

The first thing you should do after slipping or tripping and falling is to take a picture of the location where you fell. This is necessary so that you can provide evidence in court. If you wait too long to take a picture, the property owner may have the opportunity to make changes to the property, making it more challenging to prove your case.

On a related note, you should also take a picture of your injuries for the same purpose.

#2 - Check for Surveillance Cameras

If you fall on a business's property, there’s a good chance that the business has surveillance cameras. These cameras could be mounted in the parking lot or inside the business. These cameras may have recorded the fall, providing strong evidence in your case.

#3 - Identify Potential Witnesses

If you fall in a public place, there’s a good chance someone saw you fall. These witnesses can provide valuable evidence about how the fall occurred and why the defendant is liable. Of course, the witnesses you should get are those who saw the fall. If you can’t call witnesses who saw the fall, you may be able to get witnesses who saw the condition that caused the fall.

For example, if you fell on a wet floor, you may be able to call witnesses who saw the floor was wet and can testify that the defendant knew or should have known about the condition.

#4 - Report the Accident

If you fall on someone’s property, you should report the accident, which is necessary regardless if you're hurt or otherwise. The best way to do this is to fill out an accident report. If the business has a form, you should fill it out. If the business doesn’t have a form, you should prepare one. You should include your name, address, phone number, and version of how the accident happened.

#5 - Visit the Doctor

If you’re injured, you should go to the doctor. Even if your injuries aren’t severe, you should see a doctor for a complete evaluation. If you wait too long, the defendant may argue that your injuries aren’t serious because you didn’t seek medical attention. It will also come in handy as evidence because the doctor can testify to the extent of your injuries.

#6 - Notify the Local Government

If you fall on public property, such as a park or sidewalk, you should notify the local government. This is especially important if the fall causes serious injuries. By informing the local government, you can help them keep track of dangerous areas and fix them. You can also file a lawsuit against the local government if you fall on their property and suffer injuries.


Slipping or tripping and falling is not just an inconvenience; it can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones and spinal cord injuries. If this happens, you must fight for your rights and get rightful compensation. All that matters is hiring a lawyer specializing in personal injury laws to build and win your case.

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